maandag 5 oktober 2009


This weekend was the lazy weekend.
As I mentioned before, the ministry asked us to extend our stay in Bhutan. I thought about it and realized that I had no obligations in Belgium for the moment. I have the opportunity to build my first building in Bhutan, why wouldn't I do it? So both of us took the decision to stay until the 23th of october, which is actually only 2 weeks more. But it makes a 2 month Bhutan, and enough time to finish the plans, section, elevations, detail,... the ask us to make.

Because of this decision we had to go for some shopping. Imagine being in a country for two months with 5 T-shirts, 2 pairs of shoes (waarvan 1 paar trekboots), one jeans, one skirt, 2 dresses and some trekking clothes. The hell! I bought a T-shirt and a pair of high heels. Finding high heels for a size 41 in a country like Bhutan is difficult!! I found 40, and will squeeze my feet :-)
Next shopping day: a second jeans, an other T-shirt,...

Friday evening we went to the famous OM-bar. We figured that now we stay until the 23th of October we should meet some people, and finally fix an audience with the King! In the OM-bar with Sonam and her friend we meet the by us well know figure; the son of the Kings younger sister.
Maybe our key to the palace :-) (en socializen maar!!!)

Satherday evening was defined by myself as dry-day, by Dumber as drinking-day! I had to fight to keep my glass empty during our diner. We finally didn't made it to our bed before 2. :-)
We love the weekends!!

On sunday, we taught to go and meditate for some hours. We went to the oldest Dzong of Bhutan, The Simtokha Dzong. The palace of the profound meaning of secret mantras. The monastery founded in 1629 by the first Zhabdrung and founder of Bhutan. The Dzong became the first Dzong with administrative facilities combined with the monastic body.

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